10 May 2016


Myself, Jonathan Spencer and Nigel Eckersley regularly meet together to discuss the ongoing marketing of properties and new instructions that will soon becoming available.  As part of these discussions we always take a broader view of the housing market and look at emerging trends and developments.  Jonathan recently read this article below from The Telegraph.

The process of buying and selling in this country does come in for much criticism and we are certainly of the view that sensible reforms and improvements could be made.  However, it is crucial that the reforms make the process more transparent, fair and equitable rather than being additional complication, confusion and delay.

An example where reform went wrong was the introduction of Home Information Packs in 2007 which were costly, time consuming and did nothing to help the process.

They were of course subsequently abolished with the only retained element being the Energy Performance Certificate.  We at Wright Marshall support sensible reform to the housing market but whichever Government looks at this issue either now or in the future must do so in a considered manner, with the primary purpose being that of simplification and fairness.

By Robert Reed - Office Manager Back to Blog