9 Jan 2016

Early Indicators

Whilst it doesn’t seem that long since Christmas, we are already a month into 2016. So, how has the market performed and what are the prospects this year for buyers and sellers?

For sellers, the early signs of activity have been encouraging. Wright Marshall’s Tarporley office enjoyed a record month, with twenty sales achieved and an above average number of potential buyers registering their requirements. This suggests that owners with quality property that is priced at a realistic level can expect to receive a healthy level of interest.

For buyers, the picture is rather more mixed. On the positive side, stability of interest rates is encouraging and this means that attractive fixed rate mortgage deals continue to exist. However, with more potential buyers comes more competition for property and thus a buyer can now typically expect to pay 95% of asking price.

Of course this is only a snapshot and a variety of factors can change things – but it does appear likely that 2016 will continue to build on the much improved markets of the last two years.

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By Robert Reed - Office ManagerBack to Blog